My wife Helen and I were on vacation last week in Benidorm and have been looking for a real vacation. The hotel was great, was really a 4 *, but it was more like a 5 star hotel. We arrived very late and did not see anything until the next day. The sun shone and we put dachix our bathing suits etc on our shorts and went down to breakfast. The place was surrounded, so we had to share with another couple, Ray and Devina, large companies showed. They had in the hotel for a few days and was discharged on the hotel and how busy it was, especially around the pool area. The four of us finished breakfast and went to the terrace and all they could see what was a mass of towels. Ray suggested that with them to a small cove dachix that much along the coast, where he had gone much more smoothly and she was the one on the beach every time I had been. Devina and Helen went to the supermarket to eat and drink, asre obviously going to do one day. We returned to the main road and went, what you probably call Viehweg and the sea was close dachix to seeing from dachix a distance. We parked the car and took the food, towels, etc. from the trunk and went to the beach. When we got there it was nice, not a soul in sight, says the hotel is different. We put towels on the sand and put on pants and shirts, etc. I can not help but notice that Davina had a beautiful body, looked very attractive in her bikini. Ray let out to Davina, that just because there are other people here does not mean you have to keep in bikini and so they took from the top and then the floors. Helen and I were speechless when Ray took his case. Ray said this was the only time they have been able to get naked in the sun, you have to try. Helen and I looked at each other, shrugged his shoulders and walks away swimsuit. I have to admit, it felt good just LyEngineer with the sun warming your body. Helen, who is usually quite shy. whispered to me that the feeling changed to harden over the experience, which began on my tail. I felt very uncomfortable and turned me around on my belly. Davina too late, that was across from me, had seen the offending item. He bowed slightly and stabilizing hand plcing in the back, said it appears as if all leave here very good friends. An hour went well and Ray decided it was time to eat. He left the food, the girl with the preparations and I opened a bottle of white wine. We sat on towels in the center, with the girls on one side, and Ray and I on the other. I was sitting in front of Davina and I could not stop beating her pussy and of course he knew. Ray stood up and walked behind the girl to pour himself a glass of wine, 3 bottles of Davina cast in. He now and then walked behind Helen. that wahis penis was obvious that Helen back, s touched, as she sat there with a mischievous smile. After dinner was great fun, with the exception of Ray, which is the driving force. Ray thought it would be nice if we got into a sensation, which we did. Everyone was splashing in the water, as Ray said, we have a new horse racing at the ceiling. Davina, who was with me anyway, immediately jumped on my back and made Helen, jump on dachix Ray. Helen innocently asked what they would retain. Davina, like lightning, said putting an arm around his neck and the other in the queue to him at full speed. Helen had to do without any problem, since Ray had the tail has been gorwn Helen jumped on him. The mine was owned by Davina. ran through the waves on the beach and even towels. Ray and Helen were there first and fell in a towel. Ray turned, so Helen was now laying on him in it. Then we got on the towel and fell. I decided that it islove like Ray and back. Davina went immediately to kiss me, and I realized from the corner of my eye, Helen did the same. We were all soaking left and came dachix back to the top, so it was a great need for foreplay. dachix Davina took over my cock and it just him, I felt like I was in heaven. I also looked at Helen and I could see that she started jumping up and down Ray, bring your knees to the side of DVD and sat in the queue. His hands were all over the beautiful 34D tits and she took off like a rabbit. Davina has not done the same. Helen and Ray took first place with Davina and I in the second. That was dachix not the only race we have had with Ray and Davina during the holiday season.
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